Why Terre Nobili?

Because art is an excellence and Veneto is the region with the highest number of UNESCO sites:the route passes through 7 of the region’s 9 sites.An itinerary that winds its way from the sea to the lake, to be savoured by cycling through history and the countless artistic and cultural treasures.

The extreme variety of the landscape makes Veneto a paradise for cycle riding enthusiasts such as you.A territory that can sometimes be very intimate but is always very evocative. And then there are thefood and wine itineraries,another distinctive aspect of Veneto where traditionally you can wine and dine well, but which above all offers a genuine welcome.


A unique and captivating Coast To Coast

Dalla Terra dei Dogi al Benaco, attraversando Treviso, Padova, Vicenza e Verona. Un A gravel route that leads to the discovery of medieval villages, elegant Venetian villas, splendid basilicas and cathedrals, crenelated castles and Roman amphitheatres.

A route that retraces the famous Paris Brest Paris (5,999 riders): a challenge involving body, mind, heart and soul. Kilometres of exhaustion, sweat and emotions, immersed in the wonderful heritage of art, culture, history and nature that Veneto offers you - the intrepid gravel, mountain bike, e-bike and trekking cyclist.


The Route

A land of vineyards and fine wines, lakes, wild and uncontaminated nature, UNESCO Heritage Sites and delightful original villages, gems of history, culture and ancient traditions all to be experienced and discovered.

Veneto is one of the most extraordinary destinations where the pleasure of cycling combines with art and culture. It is through this magnificent land of ravishing beauty that the route of the Terre Nobili Gravel winds its way.

A route lovingly created by those with a passion for cycling and for their land. Each turn of the wheel is an emotion, each turn of the wheel a spiritual enrichment, each turn of the wheel is a wonder. Because the trip you will embark upon on your bike will be an exciting discovery. Not a discovery of uncharted territories but one seen through fresh eyes: the eyes of passion and beauty.

The sea at Caorle with its shoreline of fine golden sand will be the backdrop for the start of your journey. You will ride your bike into cities such as Treviso and then Padua where you have your first appointment with two of the seven UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Scrovegni Chapel and the Botanical Garden.

Your third UNESCO appointment will be in Vicenza: the Palladian Basilica. Then on to Verona and its majestic Arena for the fourth UNESCO appointment. Your arrival at Peschiera del Garda will mark the turning point and the fifth UNESCO appointment: the Venetian Fortress.

Backtracking to the Padua Province you will enter the Euganean Hills Regional Park and encounter your sixth UNESCO site: the village of Arquà Petrarca with its archaeological site at Laghetto della Costa.

You are now almost at the end of your journey and, despite the fatigue and kilometres, you will be sorry to have arrived already. But the last UNESCO appointment awaits you, the most magical, the most incredible, the most stupendous in the world: Venice.

Your Coast to Coast journey through UNESCO Heritage sites has come to an end. But your thirst for discovery and adventure will never end and we will never stop satisfying it!

Lenght km. 700
Altitude difference: mt. 2.370
Gravel roads: km. 254 (38%)
Cycle paths: km. 179 (23,4%)
Secondary and paved road: km. 272 (38,6%)
Mappa Terre Nobili
Altimetria Terre Nobili