Gravel Means Freedom To Travel

Travelling while simply relying on your own resources, no ties, no racing against the clock, sometimes even no set destination. With a racing bike the freedom is limited to asphalt roads. But sometimes the asphalt is replaced by dirt roads, some of which are not transitable and you need to know them in order not to have to turn back again. Cycling becomes cycle tourism because there’s time to pause for a while and take a look around. Stopwatch mode yields to “I’m enjoying the view” mode.

Discovering Veneto and its UNESCO World Heritage Sites by bike

Il Veneto è riconosciuto come regione dalla profonda vocazione ciclistica. E la bicicletta è più che mai in questo periodo storico il veicolo più efficace per conoscere il territorio.

Terre Nobili is an exclusive and transverse event at the same time because it puts cyclists in contact with their elected environment: nature. But it also provides contact with no less than 7 of the 9 UNESCO sites in Veneto:

Cycling Through Our Terre Nobili